📍Mallorca, Spain


Tourivio is a two-sided platform for visitor-centric reviews of travel destinations. Through the structured and flexible live data system, a deep, sustainable and complete understanding of destinations can be developed for visitor & business stakeholders.



✏️ Branding   |   💻 Web Development   |    🚀 Social Media   |   💡 Process Optimization

Starting from 0 – Tourivio needed a full digital setup from branding, pitchdeck design, communication structure, digital marketing structure and most importantly: The technical plattform.



Branding: A well thought through and target group orientated branding was the beginning of the tourivio journey.

Platform: Flexibility is key. That’s why we have structured the whole platform and data in such a way that every person can view a destination in her/his specific circumstances. This includes for example: A persons goal of travel, age group, accomodation type, nationality, etc.  

The journey is still ahead, and we are looking together with Tourivio forward to a future where tourist destinations can be measured based on tourist centric reviews!

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