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Mallorcaworks organizes and provides internships on Mallorca for Dutch MBO and HBO Erasmus students. They supervise students from A to Z and mainly offer internships on Mallorca in the tourism and hospitality sectors. 



🛒 Web Development | 📲 Live Chat Integration

Mallorcaworks was looking for a modern and catchy online look for their website (in 3 different languages) and social media. This includes ways to showcase currently open Internship positions and online registration. Challenge accepted!



“Who are you and what are you doing? Deep down, that’s where it all started. We learned the need, understood the business and the target group and started drafting the digital strategy.

Website: Since Mallorcaworks is targeting different type of groups with Businesses, Schools and Interns, we structured the website in such a way so that every visitor type can easily find what she/he is looking for. Furthermore, we integrated a chat functionality so that any open question can be answered fast and effectively. 



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