📍geelen, netherlands

kleine verschil

This beautiful restaurant is located in the oldest part of Geleen (Netherlands) and is housed in 19th century, monumental building. They have been serving amazing coffee here for 15 years. A place for tasty lunch or a delicious dinner!



🚀 Social Media   |   📝 Menu Card Design

T kleine Verschil was looking for a way how to get more reservations through online marketing. Drivelop, together with Stanby was here to help!



Together with the restaurant we looked at the possibilities to breathe new digital life into the restaurant. We started with a restyling of the menu card and went full speed ahead with social media.

We analysed the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and noticed that the company had a large reach but did not use it. Together with the owner, we drew up a plan to get more out of social media and make use of the reach the accounts have. Our photographer on site spent a day to create stunning pictures about the dishes and the activity in the restaurant, so that Het kleine verschil can post nice posts that appeal to the target group in the near future. 



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