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Hygiene concepten

Products like Hygiene Columns &  Points make HygieneConcepten a fighter against the Corona Crisis. The hygiene columns have been specially developed for your staff, your guests and customers, children, adults and wheelchair users, so that they can disinfect their hands safely.



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Branding: Together with HygieneConcepten we identified the values how they want to be perceived in the public: Clean, bright and friendly! Based on the information we identified through our Drivelop Branding Questionnaire, we focused on clean colours and symbols linked to Water and a Bulb for ideas & concepts around their product line. Done was the new and modern corporate identity! 

Web Development: We transferred the cleanliness of the branding into the new website and created an easy to use 1-pager website to display the products (upon request) and more information about the company. All developed in a scalable manner to grow in the future!

Social Media: What is a website without marketing tools to tell people about it? Therefore, we created a Social Media concept based on Product Information, USPs and Testimonials to grow their visibility and conversion! 

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