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BuildDoc is an online platform for the construction industry in which the legally required administration of employees and/or subcontractors is collected and checked. In their handy dashboard, you can proactively anticipate documents that are about to expire. In addition, the check-in @work is automated.



✏️ Branding

Buildoc was in need of a new logo and a new corporate identity. Let’s get to work! 



We have used the letters B and D from the name “Buildoc”, where the D serves as the Wifi symbol (which broadcasts the network) and implies the connection to the cloud where all documents are stored. The B stands for the document that, so to speak, falls into the wifi and comes together there.

When we used colours, we immediately thought of the colours you see on the construction, like orange and yellow. We also designed the business cards and built an exhibition stand. With the latter, Builddoc was at the fair in Hasselt.

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