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Creating digital solutions for any kind of business to recover from the global corona crisis! 

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taking the crisis as a digital opportunity

Start a digital journey ahead of competitors now!

Have you ever “wished” for the world to stop long enough so you can get caught up in your business, allowing you the opportunity to carefully evaluate your current business practices, implement new strategies, or make improvements?

Now is a good opportunity to do it so that when this pandemic is over, you do not go back to business as usual but as an effective go-to-market enabled organization.

“Tourism companies must not just focus their efforts and resources on getting through the pandemic but, most importantly, they must prepare for the recovery from a financial, operational and marketing standpoint.”

  • Sell direct – safe costs
  • fast implementation
  • build a long term solution
  • cost effective
  • get ahead of competitors
  • focus on social media

Actions to be taken!

1. Website-& ONLINE SHOP

Creating your own direct sales channel to convert leads to online sales

2. defining communication

Evaluating your brand values and defining your recognisable brand across all communication channels

3. social media approach

Developing social media content and calenders to reach your target group

4. 360 business consulting

Defining a gap analysis, aligning them with business goals and work on new revenue generation and ROI

Your digital recovery plan by drivelop

Make it permanent: Digital Marketing Oursourcing!

Unlike most agencies, we don’t develop and wish well – we stay with you and are your long-term partner!

Any good company will always need a talented team of on-site staff but nowadays, companies rely more and more on external digital teams to streamline operations and maximize revenues.

Drivelop provides all the digital services a company may need and our team will truly become an extension of your company.

We believe it’s time for change!

We believe it’s your chance!

We believe we can do it!

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