The coronavirus crisis shows how crucial online solutions are in our society and businesses. Much has been done in recent years but still far from enough. 

Homeoffice, chats, virtual meetings, clouds, screen sharing and much more – never before have those practices been more important and crucial to keep businesses running and communication flowing in times of a global crisis. A clear sign that technology and digital transformation in companies is no longer a choice, but a fundamental need for every business to overcome challenges and survive chaos.    

Simple digital solutions are still not a standard!

Even though the overall worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $2.3 trillion in 2023, a recent study says, yet there is not enough done in most small to medium enterprises because digital transformation is in many industries still considered as expensive and actually only necessary for larger businesses. However, this is a wrong assumption, there are many solutions for SME that can increase your workforces efficiency and working flexibility on a daily basis and improve the service quality delivered to your clients.

A few very simple examples are shared calendars, shared cloud storages or “drives”, shared task & appointment management tools and many more. Simple and basic but still not a standard in many small businesses and certainly a driving factor for faster decision making, easy business control and performance tracking.

Sustainability, Consistency and Persistence are key!

That said, it is a wrong belief that digital transformation is something that has to be started and triggered now and then have the needs for the next few years covered. Ongoing digital actions have to be taken continuously since what is new today’s online world could be old tomorrow. Therefore it is important to find a digital partner that helps to consult, correct and adjust measures in order to be always on the right digital track and adapt to the ever changing demands of clients today. 

“Why shall I change? We have been working like this for years.”

No other expression describes better the ignorant factor for blocking innovation than this headline. The outbreak of the Corona virus has now revealed disruptive business factors that are far beyond personal, organisational and political influences than anything ever did before. Innovation is needed, and it is not only a question of whom is doing it the fastest but more a question of whom is doing it in the most flexible way to adapt to any internal or external factors. 

To summarize, a crisis is by definition a time of intense difficulty or danger, however it is also an opportunity to assess and rethink business strategies and eventually come out stronger and better prepared for the next challenges to come!

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