Implementing a proper digital transformation strategy entails rethinking the business model of a company and developing a strategic plan oriented towards its adaptation to a digital environment.


  • Client-portfolio analysis

Customer appraisal based on their share, their value, or the service quality they offer.

Determine their performance and define actions to increase their value and improve their profitability


  • Service Offer planning

Redefine services to meet new customer needs

Identify new services that provide greater value, greater specialization and/or differentiation.


  • Price Model setup

One of the main challenges.

Analysis of the situation of existing services and prices, design of new services with new prices for new customers or adaptation of existing ones.


  • Management Control implementation

Facilitates decision making and data integration of working areas, departments, customers and processes.

Design of a management control model adapted to the company’s global strategy.



A successful digital transformation strategy model must include a re-evaluation of a business model covering service offering, pricing model, process management, communication and management control along with a strategic plan adapted to the challenges and capabilities of the company in the short and medium term.

An effective strategic plan should be formulated from a hands-on perspective for immediate implementation.

This may seem to be a very complicated process, especially for small companies, but it can become perfectly feasible with the guidance and support of a competent consultant.

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