What is Social Commerce?

It is essentially about enhancing the online shopping experience with Social Media and facilitating social interaction and experience sharing.

It entrusts Social Media with a form of commerce that intercepts authenticity and connects to the lifestyle of your potential customers.


With Drivelop Social Commerce comes in 2 ways

  • we create or update your profiles and pages in social networking sites and incorporate commercial features to enable transactions
  • we develop for you a website that add social tools to facilitate social interactions.

In both cases, the user-generated content empowers the “social component” of the website that reinforces the purchase intent of the visitors.


Ultimate Goal

Drivelop will develop trust towards your brand and the community around it that contributes to reduce the perception of risk by the potential customer thanks to the emotional (caring, understanding, etc.) and informational (pragmatic, useful, helpful, etc.) support and interaction of the social community.


Main Practices

  • Social Media Buy Buttons
  • Shoppable Posts and Stories
  • Plugins and Apps (*)


Drivelop’s Role

We help our clients to create content and viral content on social media.

We focus on those social media channels that are most efficient for the client and save money on costly SEO/SEM investments.